Monday, April 14, 2008

Saturday Nite

Part 11 : Drive to Kampung Baru for dinner with Cik Laily.

Both of us wanted to eat rice so Laily suggested one restaurant that serve nice food somewhere around Kg Baru (x ingatla name dia). I had rice with pedal & ayam masak merah. While Laily was craving for ayam gulai & pedal too. After dinner, I send Laily back to Setiawangsa before heading to Sungai Besi, My Kampung Halaman & Over-nite at My cuzzy's place. I arrived there around 12.30am. Borak2 & slept around 2am.

I have to picked up Yanti from airport that nite. At the same time Au revoir to my aunties,uncle & cuzzies as they were going to Wales & London. 

Some pics malam itu.


*Dah nak balik*

*Bad Mood but still comel*
*This is Alya. She's good at posing! & Loves the camera*
Yanti & I went back to Seremban & we stop at Taipan Seremban for our late-nite dinner while watching AF6. We arrived home at 11pm, mandi-manda,watched TV for a while & ZzZzZzZz

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