Wednesday, April 23, 2008

x tau nak update ape

huuuu dah lame x update. sorry busy sikit je...have to attend some job interviews...di mana? huhu secret...i'm goin to write about it later *malu2* hihihi

ok last monday My sista's boyfren telah menjemput kami berdua di rumah...owhh noo I'm not menyibuk okay! They invited me lah..& yes My bro in law to be is super sporting...if dating sure ajak I sekali okay...tip top la u aepul!! hehehe actually nak tunjuk jalan to Sime Darby Jalan Raja Laut as he will start his internship there on May...All da best adek ipar! eh bakal adik ipar huhu he's same age with me tho

after sesi menunjuk jalan we went to Hp Tower to send laptop aepul...i think that lappie is belong to his sister..sebab laptop aepul pun rosak & orang2 Hp sedang membaiki x dapat amek dat day..owh back to the story...the LCD was broken so the customer service representative told him it will cost about RM 1k plus (almost 2k) to repair the LCD..(ok memang betul lebih baik beli baru kan) so option B is gune cable monitor lain..buat macam desktop wont cost that much sila lah jaga laptop anda & renew the warranty juga okeh!

My sis suggested gi Subang Parade for lunch while waiting her friends from BB. untuk lunch we had :

At :

McD tu dekat :

After Lunch, Jalan kejap & terus gi Giant shah alam to meet with ina's frens. Owh yea we went to our fav Makan place the next day. =) yummy yummy! later~

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