Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This entry is all about foods [Piccas & captions saje] hehe

My home made curry puff~ with a taste of 'masak kurma' yumsss sekals

Jeruk sgt mahal eh di sini..secipot gini RM6. thanks to aepul sbb buy our favvy jeruk kat penang for RM7 = 1 KG...haa berbaloi~

My current food = healthy food. haha sgtt sedapppp as me & my mummy suke reka recipes for healthy food utk menjadikannya enak belaka.

Toast sandwhich with salad, tomato slices, tofu with egg & oats (fry them together without using oil) one piece of tofu egg bleh mkn 2 org

buahan antarabangsa ;p

oats + milk with buahan antarabangsa...yummmy

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