Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh yea my future BIL, Mr Aepul juz text my sis & told her that he's enjoying every bite of original glaze of krispy kreme that his colleague gave him. he said "SEDAP AMAT" whoaaaa I'm impressed! He had his first KK when I bought them on the 4th day of their launching ceremony here. Time tu pun x dpt buat dia terpesona with KK. haha Maybe KK already improved the ingredient to meet the international quality standard......ohmydayz I'm so happy to hear that becoz the other day I didnt enjoy it that much~

Oh dear Krispy Kreme,
I still remember the first time u stole my heart.
I bought all of u ( 12 pieces all-together) at Selfridges, Oxford street.
Since u touched my taste-buds that day u never fail to make me happy, from gloomy to brighter, from stressful to peace, from mad to calm, oh u r too good to be true.
Thank God u've already arrived here in my hometown Malaysia but you didnt WOW me with ur taste, no more. How frustated I am with u KK
But hey u bring me a new hope today, hope u'll be able to make me fall for u over again.

haha psycho tak siap buat love letter for KK? kahkah

oh that is a box of scrumptious krispy kreme that I bought when I was in da middle of no where.

p/s Huda I still ade pics KK yang u belanje tu tau! huhu & It's my favvy : MaPLe!



OxiDead said...

Eh? My name being mentioned here~ I know I'm pemes :-)

~cAsPeRiNa~ said...

aepul sila jgn poyo rokos yeeeee... perasan!!