Sunday, June 7, 2009

wedding wedding

Lame dah x update kan..not becoz of kemalasan mode or xda stories but becoz of a thing yg x best. but come to think of it, lantak lah labu...x perlu kot tulis kat sini. sbb I don't write benda x best, it's not that I have a perfect life like you think lah kan...come on lah it's juz becoz I don't share everything with you & I don't want to...enuff said. haihhh xpe lah asalkan kamu bahagia ok.
ok back to story mory yg best...I received lotsa wedding invitations for this month. Every week ade je wedding sane sini. last Sat my family & I went to Mr Fiance's cuzzy wed...they cooked javanese dishes yg sgt yummy sampai papa nak bungkus. sabar je lah my dad ni.

padi tgh hijau!

Mr Fiance the tukang rewang

b4 balik singgah rumah Mr.Fiance kejap

Later that nite my close friend Husnee, held her reception @ D'Palma Hotel Ampang. I went there with my mommy, we met auntie Nor & uncle Din there. It was a beautiful wedding..simple yet elegant..Husnee ur baju cantik..same goes to ur hubby's outfit. The theme was a combination of Red, Black & Pink. one word = unique

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