Wednesday, January 20, 2010

after the long silence

Halu Halu
aihh lame sgt x update blog....I'm not good in writing but I'm great at writing nonsense stuff hehe...guess that I'm not one of the blogger tegar? haha takpe fine. but I love to read other's writing...tgk cite wedding pun x update eh? haiyaaa...*ketuk kepala sendiri* my frens pun bising2 why I didnt blog that much..hihi...
I love my married life...eventho it was hard for me to adapt to the lifestyle...I'm veryyy close to my family & friends...1st month of marriage rase mcm nak balik rumah mummy everyday haha lawak...but when I get used to it rase best tak terhingga...yeaa KAWEN ITU BEST...*patutla my sis x sabar nak kawen jugak* hihi
alhamdulillah I'm pregnant now...24 weeks (according to the weight & size)~ but if according to Dr kene add another 2 weeks, becoz due date kire from the 1st day of your last period,
meaning my 1st day of last period was 25th july ~ 1st August 2009 (the last day), I was married on da 8th August 2009, a week after abes period (fuhh timing tepat pulak haha)...Dr akan kira start 25th July tuh (1st day of my last period) I realized dat I was pregnant when I puasa ramadhan 30 days full pulak that year which is so pelik huhu I didnt have any morning sickness, dats why x perasan, juz missing period on August je....after dah pregnant barulah I tahu fact ni huhu malu je punye lah Dr tu trying to explained those things to me..erkk sorry Dr hihi
so Dr kate I dah 26 weeks ,now I understand why EDD selalu x tepat sgt, preggers might deliver 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after the EDD given by the doc, papepun tgk juga baby tu if dia dah ready nak keluar after 36 weeks pun boleh..before that premature dah tu so between 36-40 weeks tu baby dah fuly cooked :) (mummy ingat baby ni ayam ke haha) So far alhamdulillah I'm doing good, sehat walafiat :) the lil one is doing great as well n active...mebbe dia ingat perut mummy ni playground...takpe as long u r happy ok sayang. huhu yeap like what people said 'bunting pelamin' rezeki dari Allah..alhamdulillah but my dad buat lawak ckp 'bunting pullman' as our 1st honeymoon (rite after nikah) was at Pullman Putrajaya huhu he was rite tho ;p

and double happiness becoz my baby ade cousin nanti selang sebulan lebeh je...yahooo...yup my SIL pun expecting my parents r goin to have 2 cucu this year...semestinya mereka happy n bersyukur :)

ok lah insya Allah i will update more lepas ni...*uhuk uhuk* mebbe I should blog again eh hihi pray for me kay. later :)

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