Tuesday, January 26, 2010


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Helo peeps....apa khabar? hehe formal lak.
At the moment, I've already make a check-list for my baby & me : a preparation to welcome a new member in our family. Yup paling penting is BUDGET kan....as a 1st time mummy I bet all of us are very excited esp on buying things for our baby...it can be a crucial part tho. So awal2 lagi we - the parents dah buat check list, what should we buy now or later. X nak lah over budget pulak nanti terbeli things yg x pakai pulak.....it's hard to resist cute baby stuffs, no? haha I have the same probs to control myself on dat part hihihi but itu lah gunenye encik suami kan...He always be my reminder for me to be back on track - spending wisely ;)

ok next kite tgk apa ada dlm check list eh :) mebbe after my 3d scan dis coming saturday...cant wait berdating dgn si tomey~


Nariko said...

wah..3D scan this week ye? i next week. tak sabar gak.. :)

DiDa BumBLeBee said...

Hai azie. yup insya Allah :) nanti i upload insya Allah but kene organize blog balik, dah lame x blogging hehe :)

effa said...

hehe..mesti xsaba kan?
anyway..memang btol en hubby berguna time nak shopping brg baby..;p

DiDa BumBLeBee said...

haha dats right effa.