Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Blog is a Home Sweet Home

Practically blog is like a house to its owner. (Hmm technically, I have 2 houses errkk mebbe more..hehe my former bloggies was terbengkalai & bersawang) huhu instead of updating them I decided to build a new house by creating a new blog *yippie*

Hopefully I'm rajin enuff to keep my new house clean from the spider web & dust. *urghh*

There are few types of house : mansion,bungalow,apartment,double-story,flats,etc (including tree-house). You choose what type of house that u want and you have the right to decorate,renovate or building your own house according to your desire. Most importantly, It can be your shelter from the rainy days, danger & terrible weather. "Home sweet Home" it described how important a house to its owner.

*kenape la haku berceramah bout house ni*. LOL. nahhh what I'm trying to say is you are welcome to this house. As the owner of this house, I think I can decorate or renovate my house the way that I want it to be. If u like it, u can stay but if u don't like it, u can go to other places. Tak kesahla saye. I bet all of you have the same view, dalam bahasa mudah 'suke hati hakula nak tulis ape" LOL....jks! =P

kepada tetamu-tetamu "Selamat datang" to this buruk house of mine. (sila rujuk gambar rumah di atas) hehe

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