Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eat & Eat again!

*phew* what a tiring weekend....I juz came back from Seremban today. Been away from home since Friday tho.
I woke up at 5am to send my cuzzy Cik Yanti to the airport. Bangun pagi,gosok gigi,cuci muka,tukar baju & then off we go...while Yanti having her shower, I was sleeping on the sofa,it was becoz gara2 berborak x hengat dunia last nite (thanks to papa for waking us up,if not yanti would've missed her flight)..hihi owhh saye wangi okay eventho tak mandi pagi itu coz I wanna go back to sleep *hihi alasan2* We arrived KLIA at 6.15am and had our breakfast there...inilah breakfast kami..setelah sekian lama tak makan breakfast McD :

*i loike harsh brown! yummilicious~*

*MiNe! MiNe! Minee (dgn nada lapo)*

*Hers. keEnakan.*

While we were eating, the AE (advertising agent) for karangkraf introduced us to the editor of Libur Magazine, The Star's Journalist & The Press Secretary to Datuk Azalina Othman Said. They were discussing on the itinerary & check-in few mins later. I decided to stay there for a while before heading back to my home -----> To shleeep! hehe

I arrived home safely around 7.30am n went to bed around 8.30am. Owh Thanks yanti for belanja me breakfast...punyela baik hati & generous cuzzy ku ini telah menopupkan (maaf lingo yang bertaburan) hp ku RM** and give me duit belanja RM** with full tank fuel for me to ride her Kia Rio...owhh kereta yang makan minyak banyak itu..Thanks Cuzzy!!!!! xoxoxo~

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