Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nothing Much to say..........

Peek-A-Boo !

*Chiken bbq with special sauce made by my bro. Tinggal ini je yg sempat di snap kan. Side dishes sume dah licin. huhu*

*Thanks cik Laily for the crackers*

Today I made my own recipe of cheese bread. Me & Huda's Favourite! hehe dah lama x buat cheese bread since I came back from London. Yeap, I was so into cooking & baking back then. Best sangat! But bila balek Malaysia sangat malas. Hmm sorry x sempat amek pics cheese bread tu...next time will snap snap the pic..insya Allah. p/s datangla rumah & I'll make one for u! ;)

*Ini adalah sambal telur yang best!*

I bet people who dont know me well must be wondering "kenapela dia ni suke cakap pasal food?" hehe simply becoz I Love Food! I enjoy eating! I like to indulge myself with superb cuisine & I would like to share my non-stop passion about food with others too. Oh stop thinking about fat,bla bla bla..I'm talking about balance food okay. Makan takpe jangan berlebihan je & silalah bersenam. saye juge malas exercise teehee. Rugi tak rase food yang best2 tau. hehe but remember balance it!

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