Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hello 2009!

We're already in da middle of 2009..phew!

bye bye 2008..a year full of happiness, sadness, ups & downs. For me, 2008 has changed me as a person A LOT. At the end of 2008, I've been thrown with a sweet question & for the 1st time my heart was touched by a sincere intention *grin*

To you, who used to be a close friend to me..I would like to say thank u for changing my whole a new stage where I neva expected "the thing" to least at this point of time *wink*

mUaHaHa I still can't believe "it" mimpi ke haku ni?? omg lah~ owh yea talkin about my resolutions...hmm i've few points in my mind...n let me keep it to myself..huhu hopefully I can achieve all dat in 2009..if x dapat kene usaha lebih lagi...chaiyok chaiyok..

ahh one of the resolution is to keep updating my blog..erkkk owhh malas sungguh saye ini...i try my best not to neglect u my bumblebee...hehe owh n I can't wait for birthdayyyyyyy yippie...n my _ _ _ _ _ g _ _ _ _ t day! oh-uh *butterflies* haha

ok toddles, until we meet again in my next entry muah muah


f.i.e.z.a said...

dida dearie,

r u going to get married this yr?tell me asap k.i call u x angkat pown.tsk. :(

DiDa BuMBLeBee said...

sis Fieza

wedding soon? haha lets pray for it...awhh sorry it was on silent mode n yeah i forgot to reply ur call..sowie..=) nanti we gossip kay