Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am grateful because...................

: A random conversation between me & my dear friend :

Fren : Eh dalam life ni kan apa perkara paling buat u bersyukur sgt?

Me : Ermm, banyak gak la. why eh?

Fren : Nah, I juz don't get it when people yg dunno how to appreciate life suke complaint this &
that. Macamla dia sorang je ade masalah kan...

Me : *thinking hard*

Well there are few major things dat I'm grateful of ----->

1) I'm grateful dat I was born as a Muslim..! saying dat its not like I'm in the
golongan alim knowledge is not dat deep tho..but I'm learning bit by bit about my
own religion & at the same time respect other's belief too.

2) I'm grateful dat I have such a strong relationship between my family,relatives & friends. I've
their unconditional love eventho when they have to deal with my perangai buruk sumtimes.
haha (perangai buruk is the negative side of me e.g my super weaknesses lah tu hihihihi

3) I'm grateful to live peacefully, that I don't have to face the WAR (yet). kasihan mereka di iraq,
palestine, etc

4) I'm grateful for every storm that I've to face, there's always a rainbow behind it..insya Allah

5) I'm grateful to given a chance to live so that I can bertaubat before I die. saya hanya manusia
yang lemah & alpa. err must work on this. asyik procastinate saje. my bad.

oh banyak lagi reason for why I should be grateful....anyways my dad always tell me that :

Never Look At What You've Lost Always Look At what You've got

daddy always give us his words of wisdom. hehe daddy cool! ;)

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