Friday, January 30, 2009

My Abang's Wedding

owhh...dis entry is so basi (outdated) already. heh. Procrastination is my best friend at the moment. mind me ye. hihi here it goes....

: ouh 1st and foremost lemme introduce u to my one & only brother and his wifey :

Tadaaa , my bruv : Muhd Shahrulazman Sulaiman

His wifey : Mrs. Shahrulazman / Puan Nadya binti Alias

29th December 2007 - My Bro's Engangement Ceremony. I wasn't able to be there coz Yours Truly masih berada di bumi Londres @ London dalam bahasa Inggeris & menunggu final result. *tsk tsk tsk* at least I've got the chance to be for the merisik part lah (menyedapkan hati) ;p

piccas plz....*drums*

Merisik : somewhere in august. few weeks before saye terbang ke londres.

ouh abg, u were so kurus that time. Now u've changed a lot like a gummy bear haha those were da days la abg oi~

My SIL....yeah she's good with piano & sum other music instruments. juz like my bro,things dat they're share in common.


They Enganged!

Abg, u were sleeping ey? sabo aje la *LMAO*

The cheekiest bruv in the world. ish ish ish

With his besties

Maka pada tanggal 25th December 2008 - Mereka iaitu m y SIL, Puan Nadya @ YaYa & Mr Bojed telah disatukan di dalam sebuah Solemnization Ceremony yang cukup syahdu sehingga membuat my aunt(s), my mom(toksah ckp la), my cuzzy & my lil sis were on tears~ *sobs* I didnt cry becoz I was toooo excited hehe. pst pst Love the deco, hantarans & food!

Venue : SIL's house, Bdr Sri Putra
Theme : Peach..yeahh they didnt choose white...unik katenye.

Bojed's army wore Silver


25th December is my Parents anniversary double

celebration coz anak pun kawen same date...adekah daku akan menyusul?oh tidakkkk

Heloo pixies *taptaptap*

alhamdulillah sah eventho pak imam yg tersasul-sasul sebut my bro's name..aikk sape yg nak nikah ni? LOL....on the other side, the groom sgtla cool and calm =)

*************************************************** *********************************

awww shweeet


mas kahwin @ dowry


Hubby & Wifey


with his second wifey, miss Sharmaine, our niece a.k.a head of flower girl for her uncles & aunts wedding ceremony


27th December 2008 - Reception on SIL's side. Pink + white for the theme. Bojed's army wore pink! awww sorry I dont have the copies with me. but I' ll update the piccas once I get them from my sis. It was a beautiful ceremony...Love everything bout it! p/s kak yaya pinjam photo ye hehe


4th January 2009 - Reception on my side. Yellow + Gold for the theme. All of us wore yellow with a touch of gold sket...gitu lah~ the food was superb nice...n deco was simple yet so sweet!

SIL's side wore Purple.
Venue : Putrajaya Hall

pak-kepong-kepong-kepong-gedung-gedung-gedung (sound of kompang? errr mebbe not) LOL

Kek yg di sponsored oleh Haji dot...muahaha so old school thank god my bro is not a fussy person on dat matter.

perarakan bermula

The cuzzies and their partners

pengantin pasrah in white LOL

**********4th January is SIL's double celebration lagik...huhu dpt surprise lagi tauu

aloha pics *gendang*

a big card with signatures from all the family & kan? bukan senang nak dapat. kudos to me for the ideas muahaha nak jugak credit ceyyy :P

& A Birthday cake sponsored by Haji Dot again...huhu it is oh-so-yummy seriously walaupun rupanya sebegitu oldies ye rakan-rakan LOL

phewww ponek den mengupload ni ha...anyways more pics to come...will do later yeah..hmm i wonder how would my wedding be eyh? *berangan* I want a FUN ceremony....protocol/formal wedd is a no-no eventho there will be datuks,datins,etc....boleh? mungkin sikit protocol is fine but I dun want my wedding to be so formal. bosan seyh~ but i have to listen to what my parents will say bout this matter. what are your dream wedding?

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