Saturday, February 7, 2009

tick tock tick tock

12 days more...............*weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-pointy-hats-celebration-partayyy* moment

21 days more = 3 weeks to be exact *uhm-erm-haa-owhh-ok-excited-sakit-perot-a-bit* moment LOL

~pixies are from google search~


fadhli said...

12 more days to ur bday (well, 8 more days la skrg kan).

21 more days until apa pulak?

DiDa BuMBLeBee said...

yupp my bday in 8 days~

err haha. will tell u once it happened :P it would be great if u r here around Oct tho ;)

fadhli said...

hmm.. about 2 and a half weeks bertunang, and then oct kawen?

kool :)

DiDa BuMBLeBee said...

insya Allah. =)doa2 kan yg terbaik 4 me. thank u.