Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nephew daku bertambah

:. Facts . :

1) The baby is a HE.
2) He was born in Ampang Puteri Hospital on 13th March 2009
3) His mother had to wait for days/weeks for 'the time' as he was taking his own masa
manis a.k.a sweet time
...overdue sungguh.
4) His name is EMMIR EUSOF
5) His weight is 3.53kg when he was born....big ey?
6) He is sooooooooooo adorable...hey every babies mmg born to be adorable kan.
7) He looks like his daddy from nose to forehead and got his mommy's look from upper lips to his
chin. so yea combination of both. mungkin akan bertukar as time goes by.
8) His mummy went thru a C-sec becoz He didnt want to come out and he was poo-ing inside the

apelagi yeh...huhu thats all I can think for now. To Emmir, Welcome to the world, semoga menjadi anak yg soleh. muahmuah


Nadya said...

bobo kata normal..cettt sungguh unreliable info yg diberikan

DiDa BuMBLeBee said...

nope c-sec sebab baby dah poo-poo kat dlm so doc soh bedah..lagipun xde tanda2 dia nak bersalin.