Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Bestie's Wedd

ni pun outdated post ini but harus dibuat jugak. haha ok one of my besties Puan Ayu (kini) hekk a.k.a Mama ayu punye special entry....I went for her engangement at PD, Her solemnization & reception kat PD juga but didnt manage to go to aqi's side bcoz kene gi kursus kawen.

Engangement : 25/10/2008

solemnization : 06/02/09

reception ayu's side : 07/02/09

reception : aqi's side 21/03/09

credit to mr.Fizi for those piccas.

to you Mama Ayu, wish u all the good wishes in ur marriage...I love u mama ayu!

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