Friday, April 3, 2009

What did I get for My bro & My bestie's wedding?

Nothing much but I hope it is useful to both of u ;)

as u requested big bro : but it is bigger than u thought, 19L ;)

this one is for my bestie miss laily ;) hope u'll like it (am goin to give it to her tonite). I didnt manage to bawak time wedding Puan Laily as my car was full with cakes & wedding cake. ye saye dilantik menguruskan hal-hal cake on her wedding besides being her beautiful bridesmaid lah hahaha

Selamat Pengantin baru to both couples....ohhh congratz to kak yaya, my SIL and my big bro Bojed as my SIL is 5 weeks preggy..woot woot


Nadya said...

thanks dearie for the gift and wish!

makin semangat la bobo tu kt dapur..haha

and pls pray for us yea aunty dida..


DiDa BuMBLeBee said...

u're welcome =)...haha dia siap buat request nak e-oven...x mau yg lain...mesti nak baking or buat roasted chic nih...