Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

ahaaaa (gaya anita, ok cik huda u know which anita) hahahaha gile x bleh lupe the "ahaaa" word. psycho ape. eh lari topik plak. actually this entry should be on the 7th april...yea u read dat right, 7th april, bukan sbb anda rabun tibe2. it was my sayang mommy's birthday~ forgive me, I'm so malas to update NOT. actually cable hp ade org nyorok kan kahkah pandai2 salahkan org padahal sendiri lupe. ok so here it goes.

we planned a surprise celebration for her...that nite my sis & I konon2 went with couple masing2 mcm biase, so papa ajakla mama keluar for a dinner. last2 sampai kat restaurant tu she was so surprised to see us there siap dah orderkan semua. hehe bestnye dpt tgk muka mama happy =)

oh Wait we set another surpise for her.....blueberry cheese cake, my mom's favvy!

While we were enjoying the cake, she got one more surprise from us. Tadaaaa....

My mommy has always been a great cook. She is the type of person who can make anything out of we decided to give her something that she would love to we bought her this. a multi-cooker which she can create 6 different style of huh.

and as I expected, she love it! alhamdulillah~ We Love u mama!

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oh tlg laaa rambut papa mcm 2