Tuesday, February 23, 2010

of the gomen checkup

pic source : google

This morning I had a some-what minor period cramp pain after subuh...my hubs thot that I'm goin to deliver anytime, oh noo....so off we went to KKSA for my regular checkup...My head was spinning as I entered the clinic so I went to the toilet & wallah I vomited *aiyoh* alhamdulillah, I felt so much better tho huhu..the GP said my uterus was contracting to adjust the enganged position of my baby as I'm approaching the 8 months of pregnancy soon. 'baby darling pls dont rush to come out okey, just enjoy playing in my womb until u reach the full term stage' hmm so that was the drama of the day...baru teringat macam mane rase period cramp..huhu

checkup for 30 weeks 4 days / 31 weeks :

Hb : I skipped dis part becoz last 2 weeks my Hb was high enuff..so no more blood test for me *yeay*
Urine : Blue = clear
Weight : maintain. didnt gain or lose any weight for the last 2 weeks
Condition : mummy & baby are okay ^_^

so dat was it....nurse siap pesan 'Puan, bulan depan puan bolehla start basuh baju2 baby ye & pastikan semua kelengkapan dia tersedia' ohhh baiklah....hehe. next checkup kat KKSA will be in 2 weeks time...hopefully no more 'drama' sakit perut bagai...huhu insya Allah next month checkup kat private pulak...time ni bolehla tengok si tomey dlm perut ^_^

ok then later..updates on my birthday, etc :)


Nariko said...

wow,u experienced that? I belum lg.. just kdg2 rasanye ada perut mengeras je.. tak sure if its the baby or its my uterus.. take care..!

DiDa BumBLeBee said...

yeap I was kinda nervous at 1st but it happened juz for a while..pastu i ok balik huu thank God belum nak beranak lagi, it's too early tho. u take care too aite.