Sunday, April 4, 2010

This & That

Salam All..Last week, I was on sugar high mode, I wanted everything to be sweet, I didnt have my proper meal, semua dessert's kinda odd for me tho coz I dont really fancy sweet stuffs (except dark choc!) nor I am not a sweet tooth person...bittersweet saya suka lah :) but dah 9 months ni tekak nak benda manis for a 2 days in a row! nak tak nak hubby terpaksa join my craving sebab kene tolong habeskan makanan manis saya itu hehe lets see what I had for couple of days ago :

My mom's fav...Had dis for my hour later laparrr balik hihi

errr choc ni tooooooo sweet for my taste buds didnt like it :p

oh myyyy Fav! Caramel ice blended kopiesatu from Pasar Tani Shah Alam...taste more or less like starbux's caramel frap but cheaper lah kan...

Halal Marshmallow from Pasar Tani Shah Alam too

wondermilk cuppies....I like da chocolate orange but not the passion fruit cuppy.

so dat was it...lepas tu tak rase nak makan manis anymore...dah puas hehe. now back on track makan proper meals..actually I dont know what to eat, every food seems so boringgg -_- hubby offer nak gi makan food yg best pun I would simply say tak mau boring, whatttt? this is so not me..rugi tau takk *sobs* and I ended up eating ikan bilis goreng je..huhu apekah? entahla sindrom pelik for me....more ironically,I have a large desire for food now but my appetite doesnt feel any excitement on food sebab dia boring..huhu mengada betul...masalah kan haha macam2 hal hormone I ni..but takpe I'm going to make sure that I eat good yummy food before deliver baby starting from tonite hehe...jgn time pantang mood nak makan best2 datang sudah...masalahhhh haha oh btw my baby's weight is 2.4 kg at 36++ weeks...dis coming wednesday ade check up kat KKSA....weeehuuu every week dah kene check up dah =)


AmirFX said...

Coklat picnic feveret... *gurp*

Mawar_Mohamad said...

Its normal la dida da masuk 3rd trimester mengidam sentiasa for sweet food :-) i pun d same tp try gak hv limit to it. My usual crave btwn 7-8 months preg would be Baskin Robbin icecreams, iceblended drinks tp nowdays da near 36 weeks preg i seem to like pengat pisang and chocs too like ferrero rocher and snickers bar ;-) tp on daily basis i try gak substitute my sweet cravings with fresh sweet fruits like jambu,pisang and strawberries. Enjoy while we can kan? Nanti time pantang lg suffer byk makanan kena put on hold ;p

DiDa BumBLeBee said...

amirfx : sedap kan :)

Mawar : uishhh sedapnya..u buat i teringin balik Lol btw i think our edd dekat2 je kan.

Hudarla said...

Woman! u eat real good food..nice nice :)

DiDa BumBLeBee said...

haha yummy & fattening food :)