Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sometimes evolution is unacceptable..apekah??

Ketika insan lain berbahagia bersama keluarga
Namun kita masih meniti titian rapuh perhubungan
Indahnya Damainya keluarga yang bahagia...lalalala

lyric Keluarga Bahagia

Do u still remember them?


They were oh-so-popular back then. They started as Nasyeed group from SMAPK & their music was commercialized in 2005. Somehow they managed to attract young girls to surau and usrah. hehe well nasyeed is one of medium of dakwah too, now nasyeed has been into the music industry like a bomb. I'm not a fan tho but I appreciates good music with good lyrics esp when it comes to the part of great realization e.g mempunyai unsur keinsafan. org seperti saye harus always insaf *tsk tsk*

ohh i'm out of topic. haha anyways what I want to stress on here is the lead vocal Dr. Khairul Idzwan Baharin went to the One in a million audition. No, its not a weird thing tho, look at Faizal Tahir he was a nasyeed singer before (Mirwana) & he did enter OIAM too. But...bUT

the person above has changed............A LOT. I mean the last time I saw him on tv was like that (refer above pics)

but not in OIAM....refer to this -----> here here here

hmm I wonder what has the world done to us? oh God but his voice remain the same tho. cube la dengar lagu saujana dulu.....esp the vibrato thingy : that's part of my style singing hehe

Paul : Mebbe u have parkinson or something. sabo aje la

oh shafinaz u were rite : you really should stick to being a doctor.

shafinaz : r u really a good doctor?

Him : can I sing another song?

*they laughed*

Me : entahla labuuuuuuuuuuu

what happened to your hair and eyebrows? or My eyes yang salah tengok? *rolling eyes*
Just hope that what people been talking about him is not true eventho agak obvious di situ. or mebbe u juz wanna be a bit softer than before? haihhh why am i so defensive? haha thats what we call bersangka baik yo la tu


Anonymous said...

There are some RALAT in your post... Faizal Tahir is not frm Nowseeheart..but he's actually frm Mirwana group..:)

DiDa BuMBLeBee said...

hai back.

oh thank u =)