Friday, March 20, 2009

Me (hati kecil,sebenarnye yg berkata2) "yeap dat's the one. yang ituuuuuuuu lah". haha apakah?
A friend of mine, suggested me to check out this one particular bridal boutique for my majlis bertandang. haha for majlis sendiri, belum lagi....we're doing a favor for Mr.Fiance becoz he's toooooooo bz lately sampaikan kene booking time utk dating. adoii buat lawak betul.

back to story-mory, went there with mummy. belek itu belek ini and tadaaaa hati terpana melihat sesuatu yg unik sekali. this particular bridal ade jugak branch kat Mr.Fiance's hometown sebab itu lah pilih that boutique, make our work more easier.. make up dia pun cun juz like my bro's bestie punye ceremony kat wifey's side Puan effa. (ramai puji make up anda hehe)

best pulak survey2 baju kawen...terasa mcm nak kawen...haha on the other hand video aritu dah lama dpt. hehe

weekend ni I'm going for kursus kawen with Mr.Fiance, My sis and My bro in law to be insya Allah hehe. but before that we r planning to go to that place again & berlunchie together pastu tros berkursus.

p/s psst psstt I've already booked my photographer for the 3 events. hehe it was the 3rd productive things I've done so far for the wedd besides booking the place and booking bridal for majlis bertandang.


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