Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Your Life & My Life = Different path = our portion that we have to go through. be it the feeling of sadness, happiness, confusion, annoying, hard ways or simple ways.

Your Life & My Life = Same path = Coincidence / meant to be that way

Some people have to go through the hard ways and some do not.

What makes u different from others? it depends on the criterion that U categorized. wealth? health? good job? good salary? happy family? educated? or good attitude & personality? etc etc

If u have all the criterion of "happiness" (some people define it as having everything that they desire/wants including able to fulfill their needs at the same time) without any effort/hard ways = u r so lucky, indeed.

but if u have to face lotsa challenges/obstacles yadda yadda....it doesnt mean that u r not dat lucky...but that is the portion of your life, u must put a good effort & be strong.

able to live life with a happy heart, calmness in whateva u do, having family & besties around, enuff food, healthy, fulfilling ur needs & sumtimes wants (within ur means) = good enuff to have a happy life eventho it's not dat "perfect" according to some people.

taken from crazy-jokes

yeap happiness is a subjective words....u define it urself.

but u don't have to live like others to look cool, catch attention, to be 'accepted' or whateva. trying to imitate others on a good side is good but if u want to live in dat kind of life style that u could not afford to is so pathetic & lame. at the end, u'll find urself pennyless & unhappy...so where's the "happiness" dat u've been searching for ey? Live within your means people. keep savings $$$$$$

ingat yang penting KERJASAMA! kringggggg kringggggg...ACHTUNG : yg memahami je paham hahaha


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